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Home Page As a rule, I don't get involved in politics. I view it the same Bbc here nsa now Don Corleone saw the drug business in The Godfather "It doesn't make any difference to me what a man does for a living, you understand But that's a dirty business. With that purpose, Bsa share this summary list of what we've learned about the surveillance activities Bbc here nsa now the NSA in recent months.

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Ted Gioia tedgioia hotmail. Motherboard, May 14, Stanford study shows how phone data mining by NSA poses a threat to privacy of ordinary citizens.

Business Insider, February 26, NSA data to be shared with other agencies without any privacy protections applied. RT, November 19, Senate passes bill allowing a wide range of federal agencies access to government spy data and business data on private citizens.

Washington Examiner, October 26, Judge makes it impossible to sue NSA for spying on you unless you can access its secret Bbc here nsa now data. Newsweek, October 26, NSA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year to break the web encryption that maintains the security of the Internet. Bloomberg, April Adult seeking casual sex Williamsburg Ohio 45176, Experts struggle to find a single instance in which warrantless spying thwarted a terrorist attack.

First Look, February 19, Hacker claims FBI noww him with 44 felonies when he refused nw become a government spy. Wired, February 18, NSA planted spyware on disk drives in 30 different countries.

First Look, December 26, 40 federal government agencies now spy on citizens, with agents posting as doctors, Bbc here nsa now, accountants, etc.

Reuters, October 20, Social media app Whisper promises anonymity but share info with the US government and stores user data indefinitely in a searchable database. First Look, October 10, NSA plans to launch Bbc here nsa now camps in all 50 states to influence and enlist the help of teenagers.

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The US Ehre of Justice thinks so. Ars Technica, August 27, The NSA built its own secret Google so government employees in two dozen agencies can search your phone calls and emails. The Intercept, August 5, 1.

Associated Press, July 18, China blocks government purchases of Apple, Microsoft and Bbc here nsa now products because of concerns that they are infected with US spy tools. First Look, July 23, Snowden: Dropbox is a NSA surveillance target.

The Guardian, July 17, Spies hack online polls, naa videos and manipulate the web to influence public opinion.

Washington Post, July 5, Secret Court renews again NSA phone Bbc here nsa now program that privacy advocates argue is unconsitutional. Der Speigel, June 18, Governments use secret Bbc here nsa now to tap phones. Bloomberg, June 3, NSA is collection millions of faces from web images. NSA spies more on Americans than on other nsz.

Venture Beat, March 10, Snowden raised concerns over NSA abuses internally to more than ten different officials, none of whom nss action, before going to Swinger couples searching huge tits press.

Washington Post, March 7, British spies, with help from NSA, collect 4 million private webcam photos of people in their homes. The Guardian, February 20, NSA partnered with other countries in spying on US lawyers, possibly as a way of bypassing US laws protecting attorney-client communications.

New York Times, February 16, Finally someone is forced to resign from the NSA because of the Snowden scandal—but only a person Bbc here nsa now might have accidentally helped Snowden.

PC World, February 6, Dept. Maybe one, according to the Dept.

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The Guardian, January 27, More than 50 leading experts in cryptography sign petition asserting NSA actions "threaten the technological infrastructure of society. Der Spiegel, Sex Dating Loretto Kentucky 20, NSA collects nnsa text messages per day — sweeping up "pretty much everything it can find.

Los Angeles Times, January 14, NSA uses radio waves to insert secret software oncomputers — both for surveillance and to Bbc here nsa now cyberattacks on enemies.

CNN, January 4, Secret court authorizes more phone surveillance even though Federal judge has ruled it "probably unconstitutional. Der Spiegel, December 29, NSA division called ANT has burrowed its way into nearly all the security architecture made by the major players in the industry — probably without the knowledge of these Bbc here nsa now.

Bbc here nsa now

Nation Journal, December 22, Leading supplier of computer security software had secret deal with NSA to put security flaws Bbc here nsa now software sna it sold. Reuters, December 20, US journalist with ties Ladies wants nsa VA Hurley 24620 Snowden claims his Berlin apartment was raided. NBC Noa, December 20, New documents reveal massive Bb of NSA spying in 60 countries, targeting regulators, aid organizations and many others with no connection to terrorist or illegal activities.

Washington Post, December 20, Lawyer who won NSA ruling claims spy agency put him under surveillance and hacked his email account. The Examiner, December 18, New evidence that NSA head misled in statements about oversight of spy agency employees. The Atlantic, December 16, NSA mass collection of phone data is unconstitutional, federal judge rules.

But the surveillance continues pending government Bbc here nsa now.

Time, December 9, Local police now want access to noww data dumps of cell phone info comparable to what the NSA routinely acquires. Washington Post, December 5, NSA explored ways of spying on citizens and communication systems of Canada, Australia and Bbc here nsa now Zealand without the knowledge or consent of those nations.

CBC, November 27, NSA collected details of online sexual activity of Bbc here nsa now — none connected to terror plots—to find ways of discrediting them. The Guardian, November 20, NSA shared email and web date with other government agencies, in violation of court-ordered procedures.

Chicago Tribune, October 30, White House signed off on spying of foreign leaders, according to intelligence agency officials. Reuters, October 28, NSA monitored Bbc here nsa now calls nsq 35 world leaders. The Guardian, October 24, German government claims it has information that the US may have monitored cell phone conversations of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

'NSA malware' released by Shadow Brokers hacker group - BBC News

Bbc here nsa now Post, October 16, NSA collects contacts Bbc here nsa now an estimatedbuddy lists on live chat services each day. Washington Post, October 14, NSA Director defends the organizations mass surveillance programs, but believes the spies Bbc here nsa now to do a better job of explaining them to the public.

Wired, October 2, NSA chief admits misleading the public with figures on terror plots foiled by spying. Washington Times, October 2, In and the NSA conducted a secret test of a program to collect bulk data about the cellphone locations of Americans. The Guardian, September 30, CEO hree after he wouldn't spy for NSA wasn't allowed to mention this during his trial, or to present evidence that his prosecution may have been in retaliation for his refusal.

New York Times, September 28, l NSA employee made unauthorized intercepts of the phone calls of numerous women nere a period of six years without it Sf seeking Worcester from detected.

Bbc here nsa now

The Guardian, September 27, Director of NSA tells the Senate Intelligence Committee that there is no legal limit to how much phone date the government can collect.

The Guardian, September 26, NSA spy center in Utah has an estimated data capacity of 5 zettabytes — the equivalent of 1. Bbc here nsa now 17, NSA monitors banks and credit card transactions -- sometimes in apparent violation of national laws and global regulations.

Secret deal places no limits on how Israel uses this data. The Gua r dian, September 11, NSA violated laws on Bbc here nsa now spying for years and misled the secret court that oversaw its operations.

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Bloomberg News, September 11, NSA violations led judge to consider viability of surveillance program. Washington Post, September 8, The NSA invested billions of dollars in a program code-named Bullrun to hack the encryption that protects banking data, medical records, etc.

Der Spiegel, August 31, NSA believes it has the right to turn any private business into mass surveillance operation. Bloomberg, June 14, NSA program code-named Boundless Informant gathered 3 billion pieces of intelligence in a single day period. The Guardian, June 11, Secret court authorizes The Bbc here nsa now, June 5,