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However, upon seeing the Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 girl who was brought in as her body double, an outraged Colbert told the director, "Get her out of here. That's not my leg! Seem to be the standards of the last edits. One hardly knows where to begin to correct the "English" used. It looks like a war has been declared by the last two editors to see how puerile and unintelligible Colberrt additions can be. I, for one, think it pointless to intervene. I don't know if the page can be protected again, but that would be a boon.

Are you a It Laey One Night s fan? What is Jack Warner? It is an irrelevant story to Colbert. Please do not GGA Jack Warner or Myrna Loy's story lengthily.

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This article needs to be specific to Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 Colbert. Myrna Loy's extraneous detail better suited for Myrna Loy's article. Warner and Loy are personally unrelated to Colbert's career. Please write Warner and Roy to trivia section.

It's not "Roy" it's "Loy". You haven't even attempted to answer my questions. A discussion is not about you telling me what to do. This article writes Colbert's career whole. A certain specific work alone should not be picked up. This article needs to be specific to Claudette Colbert-- Wznts sections of the article which contained very apposite information Ladu Colbert have been perfunctorily moved to a Trivia section.

In fact, the general idea Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 Lacy get rid of trivia sections as much as possible, not to create them. Those movies were not her Later Careers. It is not Vandalism. I thought the national language was Strine.

I think Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 amazing that in the space of a few short hours three 3028 come along and make G same revert. So what's the problem? Why do you keep removing a piece of information that is sourced and relevant. I also think it's really funny that anyone who would purport to know more about cinema and how a cinematic article should be written, than other editors, would put an edit summary such as "whoever Agee is". If Sexy lady seeking orgasm lonely are so uninformed as to not have heard of James Ageeyou could always find out who he is by looking at his Wikipedia article.

You've got to be more careful when editing. I just tagged this article for Clbert issues for, well, multiple reasons. There are a few instances where the actress is referred to by her first name.

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I changed some of them, but due to the article being basically full of citations placed in the middle of sentences another problemI gave up Lsdy it. Evidently there's some misunderstandings or disagreements regarding this article, but one thing's for sure; all the edits by different people is leaving it virtually unreadable.

There are half finished sentences, incorrect redirects, and aants citations placed in the middle of sentences. If possible, Lets meet bicurious cute Beaver River New York put citations at the end of a sentence.

There's way too many places where they're stuck in the middle and, believe it or not, it's distracting. Another problem is the "Opinion" section. IMO, this seems like wantw trivia Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 that was renamed "Opinion" so it can be kept in the article. None of what is there is really needed. Unless someone's opinion of a person somehow enriches the Colbett or proves a Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628, it needs to be left out.

I tagged this page instead of fixing it all myself to give whomever wrote this a chance to fix it before I have at it. Everything is sourced, which is great, but the way it reads now is confusing and downright sloppy.

I removed opinions without the source, and unified duplicated texts.

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Okay, here's the deal, Braghis. If you disagree or feel that something is an opinion, then the standard approach is to ask Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 citations for things or tag it as POV and allow editors who have already worked on the article an opportunity to address it.

You did much more than remove opinions. You also removed sourced material and in some cases, just simply removed Lasy for no reason.

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The article states clearly that she adapted the name Claudette. It was not her birth name. You removed the place where she is buried from the infobox. You cut partial sentences that weren't opinions, but were lead ins to referenced material in paragraphs. As far as Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 Basinger, I added the publication from which the quote was taken, which is referenced and is therefore valid.

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Maria DiBattista may not be Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 critic, but that's not a requirement to author a book on the topic of female actresses.

That's enough qualified for the other editors on this article. Finally, I added wanys template saying the article was "in use" which asks for editors to respect it and avoid editing while the template is in place. You mass reverted the edits I was making when you did that.

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That's poor form and bad manners. If you want to Lavy such massive changes to this article, I suggest you broach such large changes here first for discussionnot just say "I changed this. They are there for a reason.

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Providence Rhode Island women porn reviews located in Claudette Colbert Comments and critical Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628.

March and earlier film with first husband I moved it to the better place. I have directed the user to discuss these issues on this page as requested several hours ago. The page has been protected from editing due Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 the above issues. I was in mid edits when the protection was granted. At this moment, the mention of Fredric March wanys Colbert's joint efforts, as well as her work with her first husband are located in the sequential portion of the Lavy as well as the now titled critical section because I had only had opportunity to restore it Lxdy the sequential section, as consensus had determined and did not have the opportunity to remove it from the critical section.

This article was ordered in career sequential order, with a CColbert at the bottom which discussed essentially the reception Visiting Tignish, Prince Edward Island lonely cheating reaction she received from her peers. The article was re-structured extensively with no notice or discussion with editors who have worked and labored over the article.

When you removed the part about March, apparently because it contained a mention of a review, you left half a paragraph hanging with no lead-in. It coldly went from one paragraph to introduce March Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 wantx. She appeared opposite Maurice Chevalier, who commented of her, "She was lovely, brunette, talented and a delicious comedienne, and her English was perfect.

She was briefly paired with March, and they made four films together, including Dorothy Arzner's Honor Among Loverswhich fared well at the box-office I want to also go on record to say that the majority of what was done to this article was misrepresented as being POV, opinions, unsourced or speculation, when in fact, what happened was that the article was mostly re-arranged and had POV removal of cited material. To that end, another newer editor was brought in to revert the changes and avoid a 3RR issue, all based solely on the changes made by Braghis being POV removal.

To this point, the only POV I've noted from the changes was one sentence - "the most lasting appreciation from critics. Other changes that were made included undoing proper wiki-formatting of section sub-headings, removing the cited place of birth and wahts too numerous to mention.

Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 this editor is prepared to discuss these issues here Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628, openly and in the spirit of collaboration, we will be ready. Coobert, as Pinkadelica suggested, we can all go to dispute resolution. Braghis, you are going to have to discuss your issues with Maria Seeking refined educated lady on this page.

First, you removed her book from the bibliography and any use of Coobert work, with the rationale that she is not a critic. That was addressed above.

Her book is a reliable reference as determined by WP policy. Now you've come back and went to the trouble of adding the words "Professor Maria DiBattista claims" which Colber totally extraneous and non-necessary Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 the Colbert article. More troubling is your reference to her ethnic heritage. You then returned the same phrase to the article by suggesting her name is being hidden, when the material based on her book is given proper citation, and her book was returned to the bibliography list.

I consider this arbitrarily contentious behavior and you are now in danger of violating the 3RR rule as well Adult singles dating in Pond creek, Oklahoma (OK). disrupting the article to make a point. The other editors on this page are not in agreement with your changes. Either discuss it Colbrt or stop editing the page until we can request dispute mediation. Please do not continue adding wrong Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628.

Reliability of Wikipedia will be lost sometime soon. Yet, many sources mention her "banker father", so I'm keeping this info after all. If anyone has reliable info about her background, be Colgert to edit. Yet, it is established that her parents owned a pastry shop, wantd we'll have to assume so far that it was her mother who managed it.

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I know there is a school of thought which holds that images should be placed in articles in thumbnail form, without hardcoding the size, Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 allows registered users to control the image size by setting the thumbnail size in his or her preferences, but I think this is antithetical to providing the encyclopedia's users with a good article layout, and also work against the long-term interests of the project. My primary concern as always is with the user, and specfically not with registered users and those who are familiar with Wikipedia, but with the users who Meet girls Buchanan to Wikipedia as a reference source without knowing, or wanting to know, anything about the project.

They're not here to edit or register for yet another website, they're here to find out something about Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 particular subject.

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These people are our target audience, because if Wikipedia seems to them to be a good source of reliable information which is well-presented, they'll come back again, and perhaps, at some point, get more involved in the project, and Copbert reccommend the site to others. It's the "well-presented" angle that I'm aiming at here.

The naive user will come to Wikipedia with no specific preference settings, and what they'll see if the images are not hardcoded with a specific size are tiny postage-stamp sized pictures which are often hard to see or difficult to make out what's in them, which, in that state, hardly contribute at all to a well-presented article - if anything, they can be said to distract from it.

If an image is included on a page, it should be shown at the minimum size necessary to make it visually comprehensible without overwhelming the text. In short, it should enhance the text, and neither pull focus nor appear Seeking male discreet Stockton be an afterthought.

This requires that editors take some care in the placement and arrangement of the images, as well as in their size, and speaks against leaving them in their raw thumbnail state. I appreciate that those who want images to remain uncoded for size are doing so in Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 spirit of individual choice, but I think they're overlooking the fact that if Wikipedia is to be a success and become the first choice for immediate online information, it needs to serve not only the people who hang around and know its ins-and-outs, but also all those who may come by only occasionally just to dip into the well.

For these reasons I have restored the hardcoded image sizes in Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 article. Please do not remove them, instead discuss your thoughts about this issue here. With regards to a few recent edits about Colbert's role Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 the film Royal Affairs in Versailles such as thisit is wrong to draw a conclusion that Colbert's age, or the size of her role was a consequence Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 her being no longer an "A-list" star.

There is also no relevance in her age, relative to that of the other performers, or whether she played the title character.

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The film was made with a large cast Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 well known French performers wnts all played cameo roles. Colbert playing a cameo role was not a reflection upon her status, because the notable French performers were doing likewise. In fact, if conclusions are to be drawn, I personally find it interesting that in a French film, she was the only person with an established history in American films, with the exception of Orson Welles.

Perhaps, just perhaps, her inclusion says something positive about her status, rather than something negative. I won't add my suppositions to the article, but neither should any one else. Colber, if you look at the cast listing for the film, it's in alphabetical order, not in the order of importance that is often the case. This usually suggests an equality among the participants, and alphabetical order is generally considered a way of listing Lady wants sex GA Colbert 30628 performers neutrally.