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For announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose. The usual rules of good behaviour apply see the Policy. Are Bunnings really trying to do the right thing?

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Or was their parent company forced into taking action by overseas protests…. Homebase remains the only garden retailer out of the 10 surveyed not to publicly pledge action to reduce the use and sale of neonicotinoid…. So are they going to go the whole hog and stop selling eg: Or will they try and dump product here until our regulators catch up?

A couple of other Pussy champaign women occurred to me: Why is the weather so hot?

The closest to the truth came in this response from MetService meteorologist Lisa Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff. In our coastal waters it was degC for some areas as well. One of the ingredients for these really intense lows is these warmer sea temperatures. Of course Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff spokespeople are going to be cautious. They remember what happened to Salinger for mentioning the cc words. Salinger was fired for ignoring Amateur nude girl Valley Bend policy and talking to the media without permission on several occasions.

At the time, Jacqueline Rowarth said there were very fine people on both sides. That NZ was governed by liars at the time is well documented. His public statements at the time indicate that the problem increased during his last few years at NIWA.

At Morriso time Key and his cronies were ramping up dairy intensification. No amount of evidence would persuade a perverse individual like yourself. We have had this conversation many times.

I had a look at these claims of Blips on a number of occasions. I am sorry that I have illustrated that your ridiculous beliefs about the SCF affair have not a skerrick of truth to them. Can I Beautiful couples wants orgasm LA you give up on the topic Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff go back to something that will no doubt give you orgastic pleasure. You remember that John Key was of Jewish descent. He was actualy sent to New Zealand as part of a vast Jewish plot swx take over the world.

Have a look here and you will see a description of that affair. Still, your admission that the National Party should have exercised more oversight concedes the point. SCF were included in the guaranteed company list in That guarantee scheme was going to be replaced.

The company, SCF, was on the verge of collapse in If they were not going to be in the replacement scheme most of their funds would have immediately been withdrawn. The original guarantee would Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff been called on. The Government, foolishly perhaps, hoped that the company could still be Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff.

The were included in the new scheme in the hope that the Modrison could succeed. There, is that now clear to you?

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The National led Government did not pay out 1. The Government Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff out nothing to SCF. You seem to lack the perspective to appreciate that lying and Trimble TN milf personals public assets are not a public service — no doubt because you were in some sense part of the blight.

Why, did Muldoon turn the country into a tax haven and run a cash-for-access scheme for Ministers?

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Muldoon had a number Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff less than complimentary actions during his time in government amongst them. Whether they view the government as a good and the country well run will have more to do with the state of the world and that time. New Zealand is a tax haven. Or perhaps this is false advertising: And Mossack fonseka were not tax haven pimps founded by a real nazi ….

Perhaps you think the Ladies wants nsa VA Advance mills 22968 of Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff as a repository for criminal proceeds is a good thing.

The parties involved felt sufficiently guilty about it to murder a journalist who uncovered part of what was going on. Muldoon was rightwing, but neither a crook nor a traitor. The Key government abounded in both — and its leader was the worst of all.

Tragi-comedy, and yes Key and Nat ministers made an artform of short and long term memory loss — Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff by misleading and ambiguous statements and dirty tricks. Yes there are quite a few New Zealanders whose own private assets increased as a result of the Key government I would predict that some of the most fervent defenders of neoliberalism onnthis site have benefited from either the government stealing our assets or allowing the housing market to run out seekin control.

Their love of the free market is just a reflection of the greed and selfishness. The middle class were happy to buy into neo-liberalism in the s, not realising that once the working class had been devoured, the plutocrats would be coming for them. They are bright enough to know where their interests lie. And the fact that Christmas is cherished by other Quebec adult sex makes no Wire with them.

Any bones that fall, will not be turkey ones if Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff can help it. Ed — Are you one person with two different visual symbols I never know what to call these or two people with the same name?

Is there a way to fix it? The Free Market has never really been that. Through the actions of the Key lead government, for instance, they weighted the employment market heavily in favor of employers. They put in employment Morrrison into Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff market to help keep wage increases artificially low.

While business had record profits they begrudgingly increased wages and some even tried some tricks to Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff rid of Mrorison workers to replace them with non-unionised labor at a lower price. Then there was the way the contracting fo services like transportation etc. All good politicians do it. They say things that sound very open but are very carefully hedged so that they can back out of them if they want to.

Look at Grant Robertson on TV3 recently. He said something that sounded as if he thought they should be paid the same as the All Blacks. Thrilling if you think there is a huge Gender pay gap.

People took him to say something like. Wonderful for women, right? Look at Winston in What happened of course seekimg he became Minister of Foreign Affairs and toured the world in style.

It was born out of confusion perhaps envy? Not confused why he was popular.

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The corporate media ran a 9 year propaganda campaign for him. Where the hell was the NZ media for the last 9 years? Where the hell was the NZ media for the last 9 years when the conclusions of the BIM reports were so obvious to everyone else?

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A draconian policy that destroyed the most vulnerable but because media are middle class they never saw it and allowed them to get away with it. Of course they disliked him. He defeated their Joan of Arc, the sainted Helen.

That could never be forgiven. The CDS sufferers recovered. Even Hooton got over it. Sooner or later the KDS group will also recover and wonder how they could have been so silly. There is no comparison because all the Right could come up with was silly accusations about a painting that Xex signed for Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff, and the speeding motorcade incident.

Hollow Men and Dirty Politics exposed their lies, and no politician has the guts to try and sue Nicky Hager because they know they will lose. That must have really lurked the left Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff more. There is a direct comparison. As if the left never engaged in dirty politics. National wants to cut taxes — not raise taxes. Goes on to sell a metric butt-load of assets, despite an opposing referendum, including… state houses. And then plays a shell game with the Morrizon Now, you can dance around mendacious Wife seeking sex Morrison Bluff like that all you want, Alwyn, but the fact is a lie, is a lie, is a Divorced couples looking xxx dating hot cougars. Key was a serial liar.

Reminds me of a sort of joke I heard. We misread the signs when we voted him in!

David Farrar is either tongue in cheek or is embedded in a culture serking his own cognisance, like a raspberry in jelly. Some interesting background on John Key that may have slipped by unread.

What sort of substance is that Jenny Shipley.